Boh is concerned.

Friday, 20 May 2011 § 1 Comment

Boh is hosting me at his lake house while his human is away for a bit.  (“Research,” smeasearch: she’s at the zoo, y’all.)  And he is concerned.

(Not that he ever isn’t.)

First, he is concerned that I may, in fact, have a schizoform disorder.  I speak to him in a verwirrend mèlange of German, French, and English.  “Vas-y, Boh!  À ta boite!”  “Boh, was machst du denn da?!”  And lolspeak: “Ohhai Boh! you can has noms!” And then on top of that, I speak to him as though he were a petulant preschooler (“Boh, you may CHOOSE not to beg, or you may CHOOSE to sit in your box.”), an unruly gradeschooler (“Boh! Are these the rules?! NO THESE ARE NOT THE RULES!”), and a grad student (“Boh, I find this dubious and problematic at best.”)  Nevermind that I tend to read to him from such masterpieces as Law Under the Swastika.

"This seems like a bad remake of 'Stand by Me,'" worries Boh.

He is also concerned that my momma never taught me not to walk on railroad tracks.

Finally, Boh heard a rumor that tomorrow is Rapture Day.  Now, he heard this when I was flicking around radio stations, and some other dog mentioned to him that he had seen this movie once called “All Dogs go to Heaven” so he doesn’t need to worry.  But Boh overheard some human talking about how the idea that animals have souls is asinine, based on arguments ranging from Aristotle to Luther.  Boh isn’t so sure.  But that would mean that, in fact, NO dogs go to heaven.  But then Boh remembered what he read in Matthew 24:36 and thought maybe this rapture whatnot was rubbish.  But he’s still concerned.

Apocalypse tomorrow?

So yeah.  Boh’s concerned.

It’s a tough life.


§ One Response to Boh is concerned.

  • barefootrooster says:

    oh. my. word. such sweetness. also, having a thoughtful, concerned animal like Boh around makes it SO MUCH EASIER to talk aloud (you know, because you are talking to Boh, not yourself…) XOXO from the land of smeasearch.

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