I feel like an olive.

Friday, 15 April 2011 § 4 Comments

Briny.  Pitted.  Dark.

Anyhow, I wrote a whole long post processing the first round of exams, but it was the sort of dark and whiny and wallowingly despairing thing that, at second thought, is not really meant for public consumption.  (Insert big melodramatic sigh)

On the upside, I guess, instead of drowning my despair in alcohol, I’ve sublated it through stress baking.  Two nights ago after I decided to give up on comprehending anything I was reading, I whipped up a batch of — wait for it — olive biscuit cookies.  At first you might think, “quoi?  Olive cookies?” But just run with it.  They’re the perfect grown-up cookie: a mix of savory and sweet; a little pouty but also indulgent.

I didn’t bake them off that night because I didn’t think any of my cookie cutters were up to the task.  I stopped by the kitchen gadget store on my way to campus yesterday, though, and found the PERFECT one:

No offense to Political Theologies, which is actually a great book.

Yes, dear readers, that is a screwdriver.  For Screw This cookies.  The end result:

Dedicated to my candidacy exams.

Yeah, sure, they look a little wonky.  I blame the olives (which in turn blame me for not chopping them finely enough).  And is it not fitting that I sort of screwed up my screw this cookies?  (nb: Heidi over at 101cookbooks suggests baking them for 12-ish minutes for little tiny cookies; my screwdrivers wanted closer to 17)

I wish I had time to muse more over the semiotics of screw this cookies, but alas: time to conquer the day and the reading list.  With a screwdriver.


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§ 4 Responses to I feel like an olive.

  • Oh my oh my oh my! Dark Side Baking can yield some wonderful things!

    I don’t like olives, but I may give this a chance. Last time I tried a “[ingredient] in cookeis?!” recipe, it was a wonderful success. And for the record, it was tahini.

  • barefootrooster says:

    so, so delicious.

  • Currerbell says:

    I have a recipe for olive oil cake that you might love! Copious amounts of olive oil and chunks or dark chocolate. Sigh…be still my little Mediterranean wanna-be heart.
    Your “Screw this” cookies remind me of the time I tried cooking *ahem* penis shaped pasta. I cooked it too long and the balls started falling off…no joke!
    Hope to see you this summer although I will be gone for much of it. Leaving for TX the second week in June to be with Dennis.

    • Ethel Louise says:

      Hehehehe! I love your pasta story. I’ll be back in the natal village for a couple of weeks at the end of May and beginning of June; my auntie is getting married and I’m baking the wedding cake! I’ll let you know more when I figure out the dates. Can’t wait to see you!

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