Easily distracted.

Friday, 8 April 2011 § 1 Comment

Colloquium went really well yesterday!  Not least, I think, because I wore my ass-kickin’ boots:

These boots were made for not taking your shit.

(Also, the game only really progressed into its earliest stages.  I was distracted by the pesky necessity of fielding questions, and by the time I worked up the nerve to go for it, I didn’t trust myself not to break into a fit of giggles.  And you know, that just ain’t fittin’ when you’re talking about Nazis.)

And I’m on such a roll — and so. desperate. for part of my exams to be over — that I’m starting them… tomorrow.  I wasn’t going to start writing until late next week, but I think this will be like a pressure release.  I hope, anyhow.  The first round, for my major field, is a 3-day, 3 part exam, the components of which I’ve known for some time.  (As in, since I was a prospective student.)  So here goes!

My sweet friend Barefoot Rooster, as some of you know, is knitting the funkiest, coolest shawl during her exams.  At first I had planned on not knitting during mine — I’m too easily distracted even on a good day.  (This is why I sit on a balance ball when I write; it alleviates my need to get up and fidget and fuss.)  But then I decided… why punish myself?  It will be good for me to have something to do with my hands while I step away from my impassioned argument that not only does Hannah Arendt advance a philosophy of history, she does so in a way that is useful for intellectual historians.  So today I cast on my exam project:

"Saroyan" sounds sort of like "Kropotkin," which means this is directly related to my work.

Best part?  The leaf detail is in a skein of handspun yarn the Rooster gave me for my birthday last year!  I had been saving it for something good; this is fitting, no?  Also, this will keep me from my other fall-back break activity, which would have been obsessive checking of the government-meltdown-news-orgy.  And y’all, I just cannot abide that clusterf*ck.

So!  Off to enjoy the Last Supper, if you will (shaved asparagus pizza nom nom nom), and maybe do some paper journaling to the effect of “ohmygodicantbelievethisdayishere.”  You know.  The usual.


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