Feeling the love.

Sunday, 3 April 2011 § Leave a comment

Brief interludes tonight (this morning?):

First: This is probably weird, but my dad and I have this thing where we pretend we’re Russian revolutionaries.  He calls me Natasha or Natalia; I call him Vladimir or Boris.  And after my “I’m crawling under a rock” email the other week, he texted me back: “Natasha, no worry about communication during times of oppression.  I will keep the fires of revolution burning.  You learn and infiltrate these capitalist pigs secrets.  I love you my little Bolshevik.”  Which is pretty much the best. text message. EVER.

Second: Mail from my Auntie today:

It's not procrastination; it's intellectual and cultural history.

Third:  When I was 16, I went on the proverbial road trip with my two best girlfriends, starting in Louisiana and heading northward.  In addition to tasting tequila for the first time (hello, O’Briens hurricane), I had the important cultural experience of seeing the giant peach-shaped water tower off the interstate in the great state of Georgia.  One of those friends made that drive again the other day, and I texted her something to the effect of don’t forget to show her kids the great bum in the sky.  Because that water tower?  From the right angle, it totally looks like a giant bum!   This friend was the one who pointed it out to me all those years ago, and I’ve never forgotten.   And check out the picture that landed on my phone the other day:

Peachy Bum

This totally made my day.  I hope it makes yours, too!



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