Run away, run away!

Wednesday, 30 March 2011 § Leave a comment

There’s a grand tradition of officials close to dictators jumping ship and fleeing to Britain.  The Libyan foreign minister just did.  The other person who comes to mind is Rudolf Heß, who was Deputy to the Führer.  On the eve of operation Barbarosa, he hopped in a plane and up and flew to Scotland, allegedly to try to negotiate peace with the United Kingdom.  It didn’t really go over so well with anyone involved, but oh! the propaganda campaign the Nazis put out to try to explain this little fiasco!  It was amazing!  He was, according to Herr Goebbels, alternately mentally ill, an occultist, a traitor, and hallucinating.  All this to say, I can’t WAIT to hear what Ghaddafi has to say about his ex-foreign minister.  Maybe the problem was all those hallucinogens in his Nescafe.


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