Thuggery 2.0

Friday, 25 March 2011 § 1 Comment

Not much time to comment on this right now, since I’m busy dealing with Weimar’s right-wing thugs.  But take a peek at what Wisconsin’s right-wing thugs are up to.  Prof. Cronon, who wrote a really balanced though critical op-ed in the Times this week, wrote another piece on his blog. And now he’s under attack from the Wisconsin GOP, which is making perverse use of the FOIA.  This is so distressing, y’all.  Apparently intellectual/academic freedom only applies when we’re talking about the rights of a conservative teenager in a pinko liberal commie’s class.


§ One Response to Thuggery 2.0

  • barefootrooster says:

    no kidding. i really appreciated Cronon’s detailed and thoughtful blog post — did you see that posted again with the Republican Party response to the responses they’ve received about their actions. can i just add a “yay environmental historians!” to this? and more broadly, i appreciate the fact that all of this is in writing — i’m so interested in thinking about what it might mean or look like to be a twenty-first-century public intellectual.

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