Thursday, 24 March 2011 § Leave a comment

(Wonky breaks courtesy of gchat)

her: next up, good old frederick jackson turner

but he can’t have more than 500 words.

me absolutely not.
cut him off!
her: and by he, i mean he and everyone involving decisions about how we periodize american west history
me: no more!
the man’s gotten enough words in his time! to the footnotes with him!! the footnotes!!
her: though maybe i can just fold some of that into my progressive periodization conversation.
me: (whereby i imagine footnotes to be like guillotines)
her: say that five times fast.
they totally are.
though mostly i imagine them to be like the bins under my couch and bed
where i shove things i need, but don’t have room for in my living room
me: heh. i imagine them like daggers.
there to ward off attacks.
her: very true.
me: 🙂
her: though maybe fewer daggers are necessary in historiographical essays?
me: good point.
yours are bins.
though we can imagine them to be pretty baskets
with ribbons, like in the south.
her: ha.

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