Brought to you by the letter S.

Wednesday, 23 March 2011 § 1 Comment

It snowed here today.


I don’t mind that it snowed.  The warmer weather and that odd green stuff on the ground after the snow melted were just one more reminder that spring — and my exams — were upon us.  Not that the exams themselves will disappear beneath these measly 2 inches, but it’ll do for another day’s worth of denial.  Snow-denial did work, however, for the lucky children of all the public and private schools around here.  A month ago nobody would have batted an eye at this, but this morning NPR woke me up by listing all the school closings.  I guess they had already put the salt trucks and plows away for the season.  Don’t they realize where we live!? (Not that the roads even needed plowing.  Maybe everyone else is just weary, too.)

I’ve been sick.  That’s sort of why I started writing here.  The lovely people at health services gave me some great drugs (woohoo!) and some not-so-great.

Today, I am having a bad reaction to one of them.  It’s scary. And now I’ve been sick for a week: that’s a lot of books.  And that sucks.  Seriously.



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